Financial Mapping & Insurance
helps protect your most important and valuable asset - You

Financial Advisers specialising in helping you
when health or financial circumstances change

Common problems we come across is that people are frustrated with
the increasing cost of insurance premiums, they’re worried if the policies fit their current needs, and they’re uncertain if their cover will work at claim time. 

Financial Mapping & Insurance answers these questions and more. 

Financial Mapping

Change happens.  Dreams change.  Events occur. 
What you want to do at 30 could be different to what you’re hoping to achieve at 60. 

We provide you with a visual snapshot of your current financial position and model different scenarios exploring ways that
could help reduce debt,  increase cashflow and align insurance
to support your plans and budget. 

Life's a beautiful journey of ups and downs and all the in-betweens

Clients come to us sharing their ups, which are typically life events like having a baby, getting married, buying a home and starting
a business.  
We support our clients during life’s inevitable downs, such as illness, injury, and death. 

These challenges normally have a physical, emotional and financial impact on clients and their loved ones, so planning for them
makes sense.  
Clients say we make a meaningful difference as we facilitate their claims so they can focus on recovery.

Family Protection
Mortgage Protection
Business Protection

That’s what our protection plans are all about.
The ups, downs and all the in-betweens.

Advice | Claims | Support

We provide Financial Mapping, ongoing services and claims support,
to help you protect what’s most important to you.

Financial Mapping

Financial Mapping

Helping you reduce debt, increase cashflow and align insurance to support your plans.


We can help facilitate any claims so you can focus on recovery
Policy Servicing

Policy Servicing

Helping you keep your cover up to date as changes occur
Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews

Ensuring your plans are still relevant to your needs
ACC Restructuring

ACC Restructuring

Don’t pay more levies than you need to
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

We can connect you with solicitors
Learn more about how Jaime James can protect you, your family and your assets.

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